June holiday project

Net vir Pret is planning to have a three week long holiday project during the June/July 2012 school holiday.

This year the theme will be “What my pretty hands can do”. The focus will be on art and craft activities.

During each week we will facilitate age appropriate workshops in which children can make items like gifts, accesories, home made toys and music instruments,  as well as items for their homes.

We wish to use this as a means to transfer skills (like entrepreneural skills) as well as to enhance creativity and ownership.

Is it possible to also include that we invite anybody to sponsor a child for the holiday school, per day = Meals plus Art & Craft Kit = R25.00 (meals = Breakfast and Lunch = R15.00 + Art and Craft Kit = R10.00) or per Week R100.00).

Also if anybody wants to donate money, materials, they are more than welcome to do so.

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