Net Vir Pret Building Extension Progress Report No.3, 09.03.14

R306 552,02 later and all with the help of many generous and wonderful people we have a building that when finished will make a major impact on our community. We knew we only had enough to get started and by the end of this week we will be up to roof level.  Regretfully this is as far as we can go without further help.
Installing the roof, glazing the windows and hanging two exterior doors to weather tight the building will cost another R100,000 (£5,500, $9,100). To complete the interior, plumbing, electrics, plaster finishes, staircase, a further R150,000 (£8,200, $13,750).

We urgently need help to complete this project.

extensionsApril-5The new double-storey extension will provide a spacious playroom, a pottery, an art studio, a music room and an E-centre.
Please contact Derek if you can in any way help bring this building into use before the winter and give the children of Barrydale a place to learn, read, dance, paint and make music.
Derek’s contact details: (home) 028 5721979; (cell)  073 26 44 399; (email)

Those who have helped so far:

the late Lyn Alison; Zoe Wicomb; Michael & Carmel Chanarin; Brian Wides & family; Clive Strawbridge; Andew Whittingdale; Marion Barton; Daniel Barton; EA Storey; P Gurney; A Stone; M Wyld; Clive Nel; Joachim Bittkau; Willie van der Berg; Lynn Hilton; Sharon Dean; Enrique Zapata; R Brown; M Whitman; Janet Vaux; Ruth Thackeray; A Ockleford; Tela Zasloff; David & Susan Hall; Cheryl Walker; Oona Xoxo; Tanya Barben; D-Tox Cycling Club; Loraine Cripwell; Peter Simon; The Dragon School (UK); The Orchard School (Canterbury); Education for Democracy in South Africa; Pierre le Grange; Joyce Minnie; Daniel Southey; Jean du Plessis; Atma; Anne Page; Kim van Lingen; Geoff Budlender; Mitzi & Nils Hugo; Riekie Harm; Chabad de Jaeger; Nigel Hewitt; Heidi Nel; Richard & Heather Glasstone; Dick & Leila Pointer; Leon McLintock; Dennis Riley; Adrianne Blue; Terri Williams; Leslie Howard; John Sacks, Chris & Margie Middleton; a group of US tourists.

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