Net Vir Pret Building Extension Progress Report No2 09.12.13

We have been digging for a fortnight and the workmen have moved a mountain of rock, using picks and shovels rather than machinery for fear of disturbing the existing building. In the coming week, a start will be made on the foundations.

In the meantime news of the passing of Nelson Mandela has saddened the world. Net vir Pret issued the following appeal which was read out at churches in Barrydale on the day of mourning, Sunday 8 December.


Next week Net vir Pret will start pouring the foundations for the extension to our Youth Centre.

The new double-storey building will bring opportunities to and change the lives of Barrydale children

for the better in all the years to come.

Net vir Pret is struggling to meet costs and we ask you to pledge a bag of cement to this venture in

honour of Nelson Mandela at this sad time. A foundation stone in his name will be laid to commemorate

the event.

WPK have opened an account on our behalf at the cost price of R85 per bag and will arrange delivery.

Help us lay a strong foundation for the future of the precious children of our village in honour of a great man.


A very big thanks to Geoff Budlender, Mitzi and Nils Hugo, Terri Williams, Chabad de Jaeger and an anonymous donor who have donated either cash or cement in the past fortnight.

If you can help in any way please contact Derek Joubert at 073 26 44 399 or on

Our intention is to peramanently acknowledge everyone who has helped us on the building itself when we have the official opening in February.

Those who have helped so far:

the late Lyn Alison; Zoe Wicomb; Clive Strawbridge; Andew Whittingdale; Marion Barton; EA Storey; P Gurney; A Stone; M Wyld; Jan Vaux; Joachim Bittkau; Willie van der Berg; Tela Zasloff (USA); The Dragon School (UK); The Orchard School (Canterbury); Education for Democracy in South Africa; Pierre le Grange; Joyce Minnie; Daniel Southey; Jean du Plessis; Anne Page; Kim van Lingen; Geoff Budlender; Mitzi & Nils Hugo; Chabad de Jaeger; Terri Williams

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