Net vir Pret Leadership Training Camp

Youth Leadership Camp Net vir Pret April 2012

Net vir Pret Youth Leaders

The Net vir Pret Leadership Training Programme had a leadership camp, this past long week-end, at the Farmhouse.

Participants arrived on Thursday evening to participate in a 4 day training camp. There were 20 young people from ages 16 to 25.  Activities included team building exercises, discussions and sessions  on how to boost a low self esteem (love yourself worksheet) leadership, peer pressure,  goal setting, anger management, problem solving, coping with everyday life, substance abuse, time management. This however did not exclude fun stuff like nature hikes (along the hiking trail), survivor games and other games. This was a memorable week-end for both young people and me as their facilitator. I truly hope there will be more such camps to come.

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